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Koala Auto care

Koala Auto Care

  • Koala Auto Kare  is an Australian owned, Brisbane based company, with Agent/Distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • We are Innovators and Leaders in safe cleaning and conditioning products for the domestic, transport, carwash and industrial markets. Products incorporate the best chemical technology available in the world.
  • Koala Auto Kare operates multiple divisions of chemical manufacturing. Brands include Koala Auto Kare, ‘Xtreme’ Industrial Range, ‘Xtreme’ Hand Cleaners and our Toll Manufacturing division for ‘Own Brand’ clientele.
  • Our principle products are Bio-degradable Automotive Washes, Degreasers & Conditioning Products. Our range is diverse as it is unique.
  • Koala Auto Kare and Xtreme branded products are well positioned in the domestic retail market due to our supply into many retail outlets nationally.
  • We are committed to our clients as well as our community. Our company is focused on carbon offsets and carbon management strategies.

Koala Care Products

Degreaser Concentrate

Product Features:


  • Tackles grease in the presence of high grime loadings.
  • Non-Flammable.
  • Fully Biodegradable.
  • Will not affect plastics, rubber, automotive finishes or unreactive metals.
  • Suitable for spray, foam or brush application.
  • Inhibits ferrous metal corrosion.
  • May be stored indefinitely.
  • Solubilises grease, oil, fat and waxes.
  • Free from harmful petroleum solvents, aromatic compounds and corrosive alkalis.
  • Pleasant to use, no strong solvent vapours.
  • Exhibits excellent detergency.
  • Water miscible for greater economy and convenience.
  • Effective at high dilution levels.
Glass Cleaner

Product Features:


  • High Solvency.
  • Non-staining.
  • Solids free.
  • Contains ammonia.
  • Excellent grease and grime cutting power.
  • Fast drying, smear free results.
  • No residual dulling film.
  • Fast solvent ‘flash off’, for reduced effort