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15th June, 2020

The huge Tranzmile EOFY Sale goes one step further with a big range of Narva terminal kits, crimpers, battery chargers and more.

Keep your email inbox open and keep checking the website, we'll have a new release of parts at heavily discounted prices each week until the next financial year.

All deals below are only available at the Wacol branch, and will attract freight charges for deliveries.

All Price Valid Until the 30th of June.

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10th June, 2020

The huge Tranzmile EOFY Sale continues with a range of ready-to-grab oil equipment, greasing equipment and everything in between. Macanught and Lubemate are having an enourmous EOFY MEGA sale, and we're passing those savings directly onto you. There's waste oil drains in both stand-up drums and slimline trays, air-operated grease pump kits and even full stand-alone grease pump solutions.

Click here to see the full range of products available from Macnaught and Lubemate.

Keep your email inbox open and keep checking the website, we'll have a new release of parts at heavily discounted prices each week until the next financial year.

All deals below are only available at the Wacol branch, and will attract freight charges for deliveries.

All Price Valid Until the 30th of June.


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5th June, 2020

We're excited to start the Annual EOFY Tranzmile Sale this year with a selection of unbelievable discounts on SP Tools, including tool boxes, pressure washers and air compressors. You'll find more in your local branch, so drop in today and grab a deal.

Keep your email inbox open and keep checking the website, we'll have a new release of parts at heavily discounted prices each week until the next financial year.


All deals below are only available at the Wacol branch, and will attract freight charges for deliveries.

All Price Valid Until the 30th of June.

2020Wk23tranz Header

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12th May, 2020

The Right Way to Install Your LF14000NN

Since 2019 the Cummins ISX/QSX/X12 & X15 engines have incorporated two variations to the threaded nutplate. The two nutplates variations result in minor differences to the turns required to engage seal to lube head surface prior to the 3/4 turn neccessary after gasket contact to ensure a proper seal to the lube head.

We've been told by Cummins that they are continuning to work on reducing these subtle changes that you could experience when installing your LF14000NN.

For the best installation technique Cummins have recommended following the instructions printed on the side of the filter shell and not rely on torque of feel for installation.

Installation of LF14000NN

To install the filter, regardless of nutplate variation

  1. Lubricate the gasket with clean engine oil prior to installation
  2. Prefill the filter with clean engine oil
  3. Install filter by hand until the gasket makes contact ot the lube head
  4. Tighten the filter an additional 3/4 of a full turn using the printed "A B C D" markings on the filter shell for reference.

LF14000NN Tighteningsteps


11th May, 2020

NHVR Update Their Chain of Responsibility Tool

The NHVR have reported that they've updated their online safety assessment tool to help heavy vehicle operators and fleets to identify gaps in their safety systems.

Queensland Transport and Main Road Minister Mark Bailey said the NHVR’s Gap Assessment Tool had been simplified and upgraded to assist operators to examine their current systems against known risks and recognised best practice.

This simplification should produce better results for time-poor owner-drivers and small fleets trying to make ends meet, especially during tough times like they are currently. We've previously heard slights against NVHR's tool for being tough to use and understand, especially in the early days.

“Heavy vehicle operators tell us they want a quick and easy tool to assess their business’s safety compliance with their Chain of Responsibility obligations,” Mr Bailey said. “Now more than ever we want the entire supply chain working together to assist drivers to operate safely and efficiently."

NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto said the re-launched Gap Assessment Tool included a number of new features, including:

  • New bus-specific version to provided targeted guidance for the bus industry
  • Simplified recommendations which link to NVHR resources, website information, and external material such as the Load Restraint Guide and the Master Industry Code of Practice
  • Links to relevant National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme material
  • New easier-to-read format
  • Links to quick briefs and relevant sections of Heavy Vehicle National Law.

“The Tool includes a number of relevant questions which can be completed in less than 15 minutes and has been updated to link to the additional support information such as the NHVR’s Safety Management System material and the Master Industry Code of Practice,” he said.

“The updated tool replaced the original version which was launched in 2017 and used more than 20,000 times to support major changes to Chain of Responsibility laws which were introduced in October 2018.”

If you're about to use NHVR's COR we're interested to hear how you've changed your business practices to meet your new requirements.

To use the updated tool visit

How to use the CoR gap assessment tool

Via -  NHVR

Monday, 23rd March 2020

The Australian Government has just announced an increase of the Instant Asset Write-Off (IAWO) up to $150,000 (up from $30,000 last week). This means your business* will be able to immediately depreciate the full value of assets up to $150,000. The threshold applies on a per asset basis, so eligible businesses can immediately write-off multiple assets.

If you're looking to upgrade or replace your tools, tool boxes, workshop equipment (compressors, hoists, grease/oil dispensing systems, code readers/truck scan tools) then we've got you covered. We can get the best pricing on Macnaught workshop grease and oil equipment, SP Tools tool kits, tool boxes and compressors, CanDo scan tools and code readers, and Alemlube hoists and other workshop equipment.

If you'd like to start talking about what workshop equipment we can provide to help you make the most of the Instant Asset Write-Off scheme, then please get in touch with your local branch.

If you'd like the full details and to understand if your business is eligble, please visit the Treasury page on the Corona Virus Economic Package -

2020 03 Instant Asset Write Off Sales Flyer

*if eligible

Tuesday, 17th March 2020

Good Afternoon,

As a fellow Australian owned and run business, we are seeing the effects of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) in our industry every day. We truly believe that small and medium business are the backbone of our economy and we are committed to doing what we can to help our industry weather this difficult time. Our branches will be open as normal for as long as it is deemed safe for our staff and customers, our employee's safety is always our highest priority. 

We can understand that making any purchasing decisions at this time can be confronting and difficult as none of us know what the future holds. We all have businesses to run however, so to give you confidence in purchasing from us, we will immediately extend our returns policy to 90 days from date of purchase

Effective immediately all customers will have up to 90 days to return any items that they do not require / need. So if you purchase items from us, and things really do go from bad to worse, you will be able to return them to us for a full credit. Our returns policy will otherwise remain in place of course, namely that goods are unused and in the original packaging which is undamaged and unmarked and this will only apply to stocked goods. Special buy-ins are excluded.

As many of you will have heard the Australian government has just announced two policies to help businesses like ours manage this difficult time. Eligible business that employ apprentices or trainees are able to recoup up to $21,000 per eligible apprentice or trainee. That means we can keep more young people employed and learning for our country's future. For immediate cash flow challenges, an eligible business can receive a tax-free payment of up to $25,000, or a minimum of $2,000. For more information on both policies please read this excellent fact sheet which has just been released - Fact Sheet.

There has never been a better time to support your local, Australian owned and operated businesses than right now. We pride ourselves on being the independent parts provider in an increasingly corporate-driven industry, and we endeavour to support local transport, mechanical and manufacturing businesses where we can. Where possible, we'd like you to consider purchasing from locally owned and operated businesses to help support them as well.

As with any matters concerning the Tranzmile group, I am always available on (07) 33 444 156. If you have any pressing concerns or queries, please give me a call.

Thank you for choosing Tranzmile and our best wishes in navigating these challenging times,

Cameron Black

Managing Director, Tranzmile & Whites Diesels

28th January, 2020

We are proud to announce that Whites Diesels have joined the Tranzmile team, joining our existing network of 15 branches. Whites Diesels' Sydney and Townsville branches will be aim to be back up and running by early February, ready to service the wider bus industry.

The Whites Diesels brand will remain, as it is are synonymous with high quality aftermarket and OE bus supply chain. Whites Diesels will refocus into the bus segment and aim to bring back the customer service experience that they are known for. All parts carried by Whites Diesels will now be available at all Tranzmile outlets, extending Whites Diesels reach in rural areas.

The purchase of Whites Diesels closely aligns with Tranzmile’s corporate strategy, moving into the national market and catering for a broader range of the heavy transport industry.

Cameron Black, Managing Director of Tranzmile and Whites Diesels, said “Whites Diesels and Tranzmile are a natural complimentary fit, and having both brands under one umbrella will allow each entity to flourish in their respective markets. We will bring our proprietary software solution to Whites Diesels, which is one facet of our dedication to high levels of customer service. We expect this expansion into a national company to propel the companies forward.”

See Whites Diesels here -

20th January, 2020

With recent fines handed down for speed limiter tampering, NSW Transport has created a fact sheet for the checks and applications of inspections.

The document begins by clarifying the vehicles with fall under the speed limiting laws. "Under NSW road transport law, the maximum speed limit for a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than 4.5 tonnes is 100 km/h.

Under Australian Design Rule (ADR) 65, certain larger heavy vehicles are limited to a maximum road speed limit of 100 km/h. This is typically controlled by software installed by engine manufacturers which is designed to limit the vehicle to a maximum speed of 100 km/h. "

The officers that undertake these inspections are specially trained by in a partnership with TAFE NSW, and they utilise OEM software for specified engine types. The inspectors also take into consideration tyre size and gearing when determining the outcome of compliance checks.

"The Speed Management Program, including ECM checks, was introduced following a fatal crash in 2012 on the Hume Highway which uncovered multiple cases of maximum road speed non-compliance." explains the document.

With heavy fines being handed down to make examples of operators flaunting the law, non-compliance will have a major impact on your bottom line.

View the Document Here

17th December, 2019

We'd like to congratulation Graham Lusty Trailers for taking out the Product Innovation Award at the 2019 HVIA Gala Awards.

Graham Lusty Trailers took out the award with their High Volume Side Tipper.

Graham Lusty Trailer's say the main point of difference with this unit is how the centre of gravity stays within the wheel track as the body opens to a tipping angle of 47 degrees. The stability of this design is impressive while averaging a cycle time of 30 seconds per unit.

Read more about this innovation design here -


10.2T Tare

70 Cubic Meter Capacity

36' Long Body

Capable of holding 27T of wood chip

17th December, 2019

FS20172 & FS20173 Fleetguard fuel filters, to suit 2016 and newer Kenworth and Peterbilt applications. These filters replace the genuine Kenworth part numbers K371011, K371029 and K371012.

These filters meet and exceed OE standards for water and fuel separation, and filtration.

Fleetguard Part Number

OEM Cross Reference
FS20172 K371011; K371029
FS20173 K371012


Fleetguard Product Information

FS20172 Fuel Filter/Water Separator

FS20173 Fuel Filter/Water Separator


9th December, 2019

Tranzmile Burnett Christmas Opening Hours, 2019

From everyone at Tranzmile Burnett we wish you a safe holiday season with your loved ones.

Christmas Opening Hours Tranzmile Burnett

9th December, 2019

Tranzmile Wacol Christmas Opening Hours, 2019

From everyone at Tranzmile Wacol we wish you a safe holiday season with your loved ones.

Christmas Opening Hours Tranzmile Wacol
Gift Cards Website Main Header

Gift Cards are Now Available at Tranzmile!

Great gift idea for your workshop team!

These gift cards are available to use on our full range of tools, parts and consumables for trucks, trailers, utes and 4WDs. Tranzmile gift cards are available to purchase at all participating Tranzmile outlets, including Wacol and Burnett.

Call, email or head into your local participating branch to get yours now

10th October, 2019

Thanks to our friends at Bendix we have a big Bendix Swag Pack to go to one lucky winner. To enter, all you need to do is purchase a Bendix S-Cam from a participating Tranzmile outlet and fill in the form, either in-store or online.

This massive Bendix Swag Pack contains the following

- Bendix Mechanic's Crawler

- Bendix Fender Cover

- Bendix Heated Lunchbox

- Bendix Workshop Clock

- Bendix Workshop Calculator

- Certa Chainsaw


Click Here to Enter

Bendixscam Social


You can also qualify for INSTANT WIN prizes, so you have a guaranteed chance of winning! Speak to your sales person at your local Tranzmile outlet get your Bendix S-Cams and collect your prizes.


Purchase any TWO Bendix S-Cams and choose one of the following free

Bendix Workshop Clock

- Bendix Vehicle Guard Protector

- Bendix Workshop Calculator

Purchase any SIX Bendix S-Cams and choose one of the following free

- Bendix Heated Lunchbox

- Bendix Mechanic Crawler

W39 Freeswag


28th August, 2019

Narvagc600 Newsitem Website

Thanks to the legends at Narva, we have one (1) double pass to give away to Narva's private Gold Coast 600 party on Sunday 27th of October. There will be uninterrupted track views, all day BBQ, all the snacks and drinks you can handle, driver simulator and plenty more to fully enjoy the day.

To enter, all you need to do is purchase over $50 of Narva product in one transaction from a participating Tranzmile outlet and fill in the form either online or in-store.

Sign up for the competition here.

1 July, 2019

Our sponsored driver Jeremy Glover has just reported in with his wrap up of round 5. He tested his new chassis, had a minor hiccup with timing and battled his way through the pack in each heat.

66138264 477460193013890 7448371094047686656 N

Lifting a wheel mid-corner

"Test day for IKC R5 of the club championship yesterday at Willowbank with a solid field of 21 Karts. Took the new Kosmic chassis around the track for its first race & was really happy with how it drove.

Started the day off bitter sweet with a decent win in Heat 1 however I forgot to put the timing transponder on the kart so ended up disqualified for the Heat. Off P17 for heat 2 & came in 3rd, tough drive through the field. Off P14 for the Pre-final & drove through to P6- unfortunately I side swiped team mate #7 Simon Chadwick causing some damage which resulted in a DNF 😫. Off P10 for the final & drove through to 3rd crossing the line behind the leaders who were in an epic battle for 10 laps.

Congrats to IKC & the volunteers for another great event, all the other competitors for a great days racing & to Mitch for taking the W.

Bring on the Qld State Titles in Proserpine next weekend!!"

65839948 477460046347238 5081963325063954432 N Jeremy Glover with 3rd for IKR Round 5

65506695 477460203013889 5118391004285632512 N #48 charges into the corner, with the pack hot on his trail

25 June, 2019

Air filtration is a simple concept; but in order to get the best performance from your engine, and the most out of your air filter, there are a few other technologies worth being aware of. From precleaners to advanced media innovations, this article will take you through a few of the Fleetguard solutions designed to help lower your total cost of ownership.

The first is Fleetguard Magnum media. Every filter has a given surface area in which to capture and retain contaminants. Fleetguard Magnum filters fit in more media than traditional air filters, providing greater surface area for trapping particles. Greater surface area means greater capacity, which results in longer service intervals and reduces the need for filters to be changed as often. Consequently, Fleetguard Magnum helps to reduce downtime and lower an engine’s total cost of ownership (TCO). Magnum filter upgrades are identified by the “M” suffix on the end of the part number. Many Fleetguard air filters are available with Magnum upgrades.

Graphic 1 Magnum

Next are precleaners. Precleaners are an air filters best friend. They help reduce the contamination load of an air filter by removing particles before they get to the element. Fleetguard Sy-Klone precleaners are an ejective type precleaner, that require zero maintenance. They provide high efficiency removal of larger particulates that would otherwise contribute to more rapid blockage of an air filter element. Precleaners work to extend service intervals, reducing downtime and TCO. 

You can see how they work here:

To find out more about air filtration precleaners visit:

Graphic 2 Safety Filter

The third technology is the humble restriction indicator. Often overlooked, this small but important accessory is very useful in determining when a filter needs changing, allowing you to service only when necessary, and never prematurely. Restriction indicators ensure you get the longest possible life out of your air filters and therefore prevents you from wasting time and money on unnecessary servicing.

Graphic 3 Restriction Gauge

Finally, it is worth noting the important role of the safety element; also referred to as the secondary or inner element. If your air filtration system is fitted with one of these, you only need to change it every third primary filter element change. This is because all of the hard work is done by the primary filter, and typically, the safety element should see very little contamination. Generally, the only contamination that the safety element faces, is what falls off the primary element during a service. By ensuring safety elements are changed on this basis, you save on parts and labour, lowering TCO. 

Graphic 4 Precleaner

We know that every second a truck is off the road, or a machine is out of action, is lost revenue for your business. Whilst the best air filtration is important, it’s never a bad idea to explore the other options available to assist in lowering your total cost of ownership and keeping your engine running as often as possible. A Fleetguard filter is only part of our solution. To find out more contact us on 1300 442 142 or contact us.

22nd June, 2019

Tranzmile Wacol's carpark again became a graveyard for a set of Bridgestone/Bandags at our EOFY Trade Show on Friday the 21st of June. The Bandag is a legend in the drag racing and trucking circles, and we are honoured to have it's black marks grace our premises once again.

The Bandag Bullet packs a monster powerplant, as explained by Bandag below.

"The 24 litre (1500 cubic inch) Bullet is powered by two [Detroit] V8 92 series engines linked together with two superchargers and four turbo chargers. When injected with nitrous oxide the power is boosted to an amazing 2,800 horsepower. The truck weighs in at eight tonnes and has some 5,600 ft/lb of torque on tap."


Relive the moment below, and make sure to keep an eye out for our next EOFY Trade Show in 2020!



11th June, 2019

Watego & Son's Transport's stunning Optimus Prime Peterbilt will be at our EOFY Trade Show on the 21st of June. This is a rare working truck, so make sure you get down to Tranzmile Wacol to check it out!


10th June, 2019

We might be a little late, but the three-strong team of long bonnet KWs at Bowen Contracting wouldn't be.

Denny's 1987 Kenworth SAR is our Truck of the Month with Owner Driver.


7th June, 2019

Our huge EOFY Trade Show & Sale on Friday the 21st of June is slam-packed with deals. You'll save up to 40% Off on all Wacker Neuson floor stock, for one day only. No phone orders, no email orders, first in-best dressed on the day.
Here's a small sample of what you can save on the day.

Diesel Rammer

Csm WN Image DS70 Studio P04 700X466px D44ec37ac1

Save $1288
Only $3682

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Breaker

Save $1097
Only $3137

Total Tools

Petrol Rammer

Save $1811
Only $2557

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Rammer

Save $859
Only $2455

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


YD 3.5
Drive Unit - Yanmar

Save $859
Only $2455

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Vibrating Plate

Save $492
Only $1408

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Vibrating Plate

Save $828
Only $1381

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


MCT36-5 M Series
Petrol Concrete Trowel

Save $535
Only $999

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Concrete Vibrator

Save $317
Only $907

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Vibration Plate

Save $291
Only $834

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Petrol Generator

Save $490
Only $818

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


HD 3.7
Petrol Drive Unit - Honda

Save $264
Only $755

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Trash Pump - Self Prime

Save $1545
Only $750

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


De-Watering Pump

Save $388
Only $647

C&L Tool Centre

Portable Generator

Save $310
Only $518

C&L Tool Centre

MD 3.5
Drive Unit

Save $306
Only $511

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Fire Pump 2"

Save $225
Only $375

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Vibrating Shaft

Save $135
Only $388

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Vibrating Shaft

Save $104
Only $300

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


Vibrating Shaft

Save $100
Only $286

Total Tools
C&L Tool Centre


5th June, 2019

Our annual EOFY Trade Show & Sale Day is on for one day only at Tranzmile Wacol on Friday, 21st of June

We'll have huge discounts on all your favourite brands, a massive scratch & dent sale, bulk pallet deals, free trucker merch*, new product demonstrations, three training sessions from OEM, hugely discounted stock and Brisbane Convoy 4 Kids' BBQ all day.

While you're here, come down and see Team CC/O'Connell Racing's Wingless Sprintcar duo, Watego & Sons' Optimus Prime Peterbilt and JJ Racing's Praga Kart.

Eofy Header

Get the latest updates by clicking "attending" on our Facebook event here.


27th May, 2019

Our latest catalogue has just landed and it's slammed full of deals for your fleet, truck or 4WD.

Have a read through it here.

New Catalogue May July

1st April, 2019

Tranzmile Burnett's Official Opening & Trade Show is going to be packed full of exception One-Day Only deals. Thanks to Fleetguard, to celebrate Tranzmile Burnett's Official Opening & Trade Show, we have Buy 3, Get 4 on all Fleetguard filter kits*. That means when you buy 3 filter kits, you'll get the 4th for free!

 Fleetguard Openday

Week10 4WD

Week10 HD

Week10 LCA 


Free filter kit must be equal or lowest value of the invoiced goods. Only valid on invoices booked on Saturday, 13th April, 2019. Not available on previously booked/completed invoices. Free filter kit is not exchangable for a cash refund, account credit or discount on other items. Free filter kit must be returned if any filter kit used to redeem the special is also returned for credit. Offer is only available on Fleetguard Filter Kits. Limited stock available.


Get the latest updates by clicking "attending" on our Facebook event here.

Find Us

You'll find Tranzmile Burnett at our new location at 4 Barron Park Drive, Kingaroy.

27th March, 2019

Join us to celebrate our brand new premises at Tranzmile Burnett on Saturday, 13th of April from 8am til Noon.

We'll have huge bulk pallet deals, stands from your favourite parts supplier's (like Narva, Fleetguard, Alemlube and Meritor), kids' colouring-in competition, coffee van for a fresh cup, our local Scouts will be serving up delicious food from the BBQ and much more on. 

Burnettopenday Poster


Get the latest updates by clicking "attending" on our Facebook event here.

Find Us

You'll find Tranzmile Burnett at our new location at 4 Barron Park Drive, Kingaroy.

1st March, 2019

Nick Radford was completely surprised when told his 1990 Mack Valueliner had been voted the Owner//Driver Tranzmile Truck of the Year for 2018.

This was the inaugural running of the Tranzmile-sponsored award, and the other 11 contenders of various makes and models were of a much more recent vintage.

However, Nick was even more impressed when he was presented with the shiny and substantial trophy at his Radford Pastoral property at Penola in South Australia a few days later.

For more on the 2018 Truck of the Year, see the March edition of Owner Driver.

TTOTY Nick Radford


26th February, 2019

Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) Approvals represent the toughest and hardest level of oil specification available. Not to be confused with “recommendations” or “meets specifications of” often used by many oil brands.

To gain OEM Approval on any oil product, it must pass strict tests and procedures as specified by the OEM. The full process can cost millions of dollars and must be repeated for each lubricant type. Is your fleet’s oil OEM Approved or just “Recommended For”?

Q8 Oils have put the hard yards in, and have hundreds of OEM Approvals on the full range of their oils. So there’s no excuse to put high quality, OEM Approved oils in your fleet.

Engine Oil

T 750 15W/40

T 750 15W40
Industry Specifications
OEM Approvals
• MB 228.3
• Volvo VDS-3
• Renault VI RLD & RLD-2
• MAN M3275-1
• Deutz DQC III-10
• MTU Type 2

T 760 10W/40 & 15W/40

T 760 10W40
Industry Specifications
OEM Approvals
• MB 228.31
• Volvo VDS-4
• Renault RLD-3
• Mack EO-O Premium Plus
• MAN 3575
• MTU Type 2.1
• Cummins 20081(15W40 Only)
• Deutz DQC III-10LA

Formula Truck 7000 15W/40

Formula Truck 7000
Industry Specifications
• API CK-4/CJ-4/CI-4+/CI-4
OEM Approvals
• MB 228.31
• Volvo VDS-4.5
• Renault RLD-4
• Mack EO-S 4.5
• MTU Type 2.1
• Cummins CES 20086
• Deutz DQC III-10LA

Transmission/Gear Oil

T 55 80W/90 & 85W/140

T 55 80W90

Industry Specifications
• API GL-5
OEM Approvals
• MB 235.0
• Eaton 2053,6007
• Eaton/Fuller 2052
• MAN 341 M1
• Volvo 97310

TO-4 SAE10/30/50

TO 4 10W
OEM Approvals
• CAT TO-4
• Allison C-4
• ZF TE-ML 03C, 07F (30W only)
• Komatsu Micro-Clutch
• Eaton /Fuller

Axle Oil XG 80W/140

Axle Oil XG
Industry Specifications
• API GL-5/GL-4/MT-1
• SAE J2360/ MIL-PRF-2105E
OEM Approvals
• Scania STO 1:0 (extended drain)
• ZF TE-ML 05A, 12M, 16D, 21A

Gear Oil XG 80W/90

Gear Oil XG
Industry Specifications
• API GL-5/GL-4
• SAE J2360 (PRI GL 0208)
OEM Approvals
• Scania STO 1:0 (extended drain)
• MAN 341 Typ E2/Z2
• MAN 342 Typ M2
• ZF TE-ML 02B, 05A, 12L, 12M, 16B, 17B, 19B, 21A

Want to find OEM Approved Lubricants for your fleet?

Just call us on (07) 33 444 156 and we'll do the hard work for you.

25th February, 2019

We're excited to show everyone Betts Transport's immaculate Mack Super-Liner. Optioned bespoke with a 60" sleeper cab, mDRIVE transmission, and all the options you can think of.

Read about it here.

TTOTM Feb 19 Main Image

22nd February, 2019

Our latest catalouge has just hit the shelves, and it's packed full of bargains and information!


Purchase any 4WD Filter Kit and recieve FREE Fleetguard swag.


Great prices on toolbox essential electrical tools, and bonus products on Deustch Connector Kits and Handyman Terminal Assortments.

OE Spares

Great everyday, low prices on a range of air brake valves to suit American and European applications.

ACCO Part Destination

We've highlighted some of our ACCO parts, as part of our huge range. Get in touch with us for your ACCO parts catalogue.

Q8 Oils

Is your fleet protected with OEM Approved oils? Q8 Oils' highlight the trust you get in your fleet's performance, only with OEM Approved products.


Purchase any 8 (eight) sets of Protrans Brake Shoe Sets on one invoice, and get a BONUS Bendix Mechanics Seat.


We've recently added another 4 brand new airbags into our already comprehensive stock of OE quality replacement airbags.

Header Image

15th February. 2019

Our Tranzmile South Burnett branch is moving locations!

We’ll be in a large and spacious warehouse just off Bunya Highway, on Barron Park Drive. We pride ourselves on having the largest showrooms, and our new location is the largest in Rural Queensland. We’re packing the new showroom to the brim with
expanded ranges on all the brands and products you love, and even some new ones. You can start shopping at our new location from Monday, 4th of March.

KMC Movingnews

As part of the move, we’ve officially changed names to Tranzmile South Burnett. While we won’t be trading as Kingaroy Machinery Centre, the same friendly faces are still here.

While we're in the transition phase between locataions, we have some huge discounts on stock so we don't have to take it with us. Some lines are up to 40% Off! Get into the store today and grab yourself a bargain.

Artboard 1

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for information on our grand opening event. With One-Day only deals, special guests and give-aways you don’t want to miss it!

31st January, 2019

We've kicked off this year with a killer Truck of the Month with Owne//Driver.

The Lakes' White is powered by a V12 diesel, and built to destroy tyres.

Read all about it here.

TTOTM Jan19 Main Image

Have a excellent Australia Day from the team at Tranzmile.

Happy Australia Day Timeline


23rd January, 2019

We're offering some unbelievable prices on our current stock of the MCT36-5 walk behind concrete trowel.

If you Buy 3 at only $999+ GST ea!

Or you can Buy 1 at only $1,100+ GST.


Call your local Tranzmile branch on 1300 442 142 and get your new Wacker fit-out.


January 3rd, 2019

Bring in the new year with TomTom Telematics and Tranzmile. We're having a stock run out sale to make way for new things, and all TomTom Telematics currently in stock are now 40% Off RRP.

Call Tranzmile Wacol on 1300 442 142 to get your fleet upgraded now!

Tomtom 40Off Shopnow

TomTom PRO 8275 Truck V2 Pro 827X Front Truck Us Buy Now


TomTom PRO 8275 Pro 827X Front Driving View Us Buy Now


TomTom PRO 7250 Pro 7250 Buy Now


TomTom Link 105 Link 105 Front Angle Right Buy Now


TomTom RAM Mounts - Windscreen Mount for Bridge/PRO Ramb166tom1iu0 Buy Now


TomTom Video Dock/Cradle - For Bridge/PRO P411939 Buy Now

November 15th, 2018

Clein Group's immaculate Mack Titan is our November Truck of the Month with Owner Driver.

Read about it here

TTOTM Nov Social

Stay tuned for some exciting news about your favourite Tranzmile Truck of the Month very soon!

November 9th, 2018

Our huge Christmas Competition is now on online and in-store at Tranzmile Wacol.

We've got over $500 worth of gear from Fleetguard, Hendrickson,Supercharge and even a Sherrin Match football, drone with built-in camera, drink bottles and a firepit for cool summer evenings. 

To enter simply fill in your details here

Monthly Prize Nov Dec


November 1st, 2018

Novdec New Catalogue


Our latest catalogue has something for everyone, with our brand new Tranzmile DayTripper Truckers Bag, OE Hendrickson shocks, the Tranzmile LightWeight Brake Drums, LED Autolamps workshop inspection lamps (2 models) and our now classic Tranzmile mudflaps.
On the inside we have new product from Narva (new 180mm, super powerful driving lights and their “Audio Lamp” a must see and hear in person), deals from Uniden on CB Radios, air brake valves, HUGE range of airbags, workshop consumables and Supercharge Truck Master batteries.

Read it here



Q8 Moto SBK Racing Oil

October 17,2018

Long time employee and Chairman of his Touring and Enduro Motorcycle Club, Marc Deneef, has been with Q8 since 1980. He uses Q8 Moto SBK in his 1980 Suzuki Katana and saw the impressive results of the Q8 Oil quality on a recent inspection of his engine.

Marc tells Q8 Oils about his passion for motorcycles

My loves are my Yamaha Super Ténéré 1200cc which I use for my trips into the mountains, notching up 15,000 km/year, and my Suzuki GSX-R 600 for the track. My jewel is the Katana 1100 that I purchased new in 1982 and I have already travelled more than 198,000 km on it.

Via Q8 Oil Expert Platform

To read the story in full, click here.

This commitment to high quality and great outcomes extends to the full range of Q8 Oils. To see how Q8 Oils can help your fleet reduce repair bills, get in touch.

October Monthly Prize

October 10, 2018


We've got a kiler prize pack to give away this month.

- Hot Devil cooler bag

- Wacker Neuson bucket hat

- Western Star metal man-cave sign

- Western Star glass steins

- XXXX Gold 6 pack

To Enter

Simply click here and fill out the form for your chance to win.

Or if you're in-store, fill out the form at the counter.

October Monthly Prize

Wacker Neuson MTC36-5 - Now in Stock

September 13, 2018

Chopper, Heli, Helicopter or Concrete trowel. Whatever you call them, the new Wacker Neuson MCT36-5 could soon become your new go-to trowel.

The new Wacker Neuson MCT36-5 concrete trowel is a perfect trowel for those who are budget conscience, frequently replace equipment or looking at a great starting point to see what all the Wacker fuss is about.

Wacker Neuson MCT36 5 1


Tranzmile stocks a wide range of service parts to suit all Wackers, including the MCT36-5.

The MCT36-5 comes with finishing blades as standard, but we also stock combo blades (5000079637) so you'll never be caught out.

We also keep filters, Fuchs two stroke oil (Fuchs Titan 2T S) and grease to keep everything operating exactly like it should.

Wacker Neuson MCT36 5 Combo Blades



You'll be spending enough time behind this chopper, so you'll be glad to know the classic Wacker ergonomics feature heavily in the MCT36-5.

The handle is height adjustable, so you'll never be caught out of position. It also features Wacker's "whale tail" ergonomically designed shape for low fatigue, and easy reach of the pitch control (0 - 15 degrees) and throttle.


Wacker Neuson MCT36 5 Handle



Power Plant

The MCT36-5 is equipped with a 4 stroke petrol Loncin engine, with 196cm3 of capacity.

The 196cm3 Loncin makes a stout 5.5 hp at 3,600 rpm, meaning you'll never run short of power.

Don't worry about being left in the dry when it comes to replacement parts or after-sales, we carry a full range of service parts to keep you and your business moving.


Wacker Neuson MCT36 5 Loncin Engine



If you're ready to start looking for a new chopper, heli or concrete trowel start with the Wacker Neuson MCT36-5, we guarantee you'll be impressed.

Call Us On

07 33 444 156


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September 11, 2018

Morgan Western Star 4900 2

Thanks to Owner Driver, we've selected our Tranzmile Truck of the Month for September.

Morgan Transport's Western Star 4900 and their fleet has a great story.

Read about it here 

August 23, 2018

As much as things change, they stay the same.

Below is an advertisement from 1920 for Fifth Wheels and Semi-Trailers. Looks like we've just refined the technique a little.

For modern fifth wheels and trailer components (that aren't made of wood), give us a call at Tranzmile

Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel advertisement - You Must Use Semi-trailers.jpg
By Martin Rocking Fifth Wheel Company - NYYSA History Collections (image link). Originally published in SYSTEM., Public Domain, Link

August 2nd, 2018

August Competition

It's the quickest and easiest way to score yourself some goodies at Tranzmile Wacol.

Simply pop into the store, make a purchase (can be on account or COD) and fill out the form to enter.

We draw the winner at EOD on the 31/8/18, so make sure you put your hand up to come into Tranzmile to pick up your order or grab something for yourself to enter.

August Competition Small


Tranzmile LED Light bar

Venta Off-Road Reverse/Work Lamp

Tranzmile Clock (not available for purchase)

6 Pack of XXXX Gold (to share when you get back to the workshop)

A Fresh Rear End

July 6th, 2018

Tranzmile Mudflaps Now in Stock!

Tranzmile Mudflaps



  10" Drop x 9" Width   $5.50inc GST


  14" Drop x 22" Width   $13.20inc GST


  15" Drop x 24" Width   $16.88inc GST


  18" Drop x 24" Width   $18.70inc GST


  24" Drop x 24" Width   $19.50inc GST


  30" Drop x 24" Width   $22inc GST



Call into your local branch to grab your own set today!

Run With The Black


July 5th, 2018

For over 100 years Meritor has been the leader in truck axle and brake technology. Meritor axles and brakes are the first fit of choice across the globe for many of the world's leading truck brands. 

Their comprehensive range of brake shoe kits ensures Meritor have a brake shoe kit to fit your application whether it's truck, trailer or fleet. While the Euclid brand has been a member of our brake shoe kit family for a long time, as part of our exciting rebranding strategy and following the successful introduction of the Meritor Genuine branding for our KSMA range, we have decided to bring the Euclid Brake Shoe kit branding closer to home.

From July 1 2018 Euclid Brake Shoe Kits will be now be sold as Meritor Black.

Meritor Black Product Image

Meritor have taken this decision because they believe it will give customers fitting Meritor Black Brake Shoe kits the confidence of knowing they have a product 100% backed by a recognised global brake leader and one that has been specifically designed, to provide them with the safety, performance and durability they expect from the Meritor brand at a price that will keep them in the black.





  View The Range




We're Pro American Trucks

29th June, 2018

Tranzmile have a long history with haulers built and designed in the USA. But we've always had a soft spot for International branded trucks, built right here in Australia.

We're excited to sponsor not only a new International Truck, but the first Prostar to be delivered in Australia. This new model reinvigorates our relationship with International, that began way back with the 7300 and 7800.

For all your International Prostar service and maintenance parts, just get in touch with your local Tranzmile dealer. 

Across The Ages Lead Pic TM News

Australia's First International Prostar via

EFS Tranzmile EOFY

Event Information
Wacker Neuson 11
Bandag Bullet
Narva 11
One Day Only
Macnaught 11
SP Tools
Western Star
Q8 Oils
Race Car Display
Trucklite Phillips
One Day Only 
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Introduction to automatic transmission systems

Many drivers prefer a manual transmission system over an automatic transmissions system in their vehicle. And yet an automatic gearbox has a lot of advantages. In this article we list up the different automatic transmission technologies and compare them in terms of fuel efficiency, production cost and driving comfort.

What is an automatic transmission system?

Vehicles need a transmission to transfer the power from the engine to the drive shaft and the differential to let the wheels turn. The transmission varies the torque, the speed and the direction by changing the transmission ratios and enables the car to start with a high torque. An automatic gearbox, or automatic transmission system, is a gearbox which, after switching on the gear, does not require manual switching.

How does an automatic gearbox work?

There are different technologies used for the automation of transmission systems.

Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

As the name indicates, Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) systems are built based upon manual transmission systems, but the switching and the operating of the clutch is automated. Vehicles with an AMT have no clutch pedal and no real gear lever. Additional actuators are mounted on the gearbox for opening and closing the clutch and switching the synchronization rings. The full process of opening the clutch, switching to a new gear, and closing the clutch is electronically controlled. The driver can choose for an automatic mode or a manual mode. In manual mode the driver can use paddles on the steering wheel or the gear lever to switch gears.

Benefits of AMT:

  • Additional functionalities like hill hold or launch control are possible
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Shorter switching times (compared to manual transmission)
  • Low production cost

AMT examples:

  • Selespeed (Alfa Romeo)
  • SMG (BMW)
  • Sensodrive (Citroën & Peugeot)
  • Allshift (Mitsubishi)
  • Quickshift (Renault)
  • Sequentronic (MB)
  • Easytronic (Opel)
  • MMT (Toyota)
  • Daimatic (Daihatsu)
  • Hondamatic (Honda)
  • NAVi5 (Isuzu)
Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Conventional Automated Transmission (AT)

Due to the controlled oil pressure in a conventional automated gearbox, the gear speed is switched to a higher gear speed. As soon as the car slows down, the gearbox returns to a lower gear and when the car stops, the gearbox automatically switches back to the lowest gear. At standstill, it is necessary to hold the brake, or to switch the car in the ‘N’-position (Neutral).

In modern gearboxes, the transmission module controls the pressure and the switching times based on a number of sensors (of the motor and transmission). As a result, the transmission responds faster and makes the switching more comfortable.

Similar to a manual gearbox, the conventional AT has a number of fixed gears between which can be shifted. An AT shifts by connecting couplings with certain axes on the gear system, the planetary system. Each axis has a different transmission ratio, resulting in different gears.

Shifting is performed automatically by hydraulics technology. A torque convertor transfers the driving power of the gearbox to the cardan shaft.

Benefits of AT:

  • Faster transmission response (compared to AMT)
  • Increased gear switching comfort (compared to AMT)
  • Proven technology
  • Good torque capacity

AT examples:

  • Tiptronic (Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche)
  • Steptronic (BMW)
  • G-Tronic (MB)
  • Q-Tronic (Alfa Romeo)
  • Matic (Nissan)
  • Cruise-O-Matic (Ford)
  • Powertech (Hyundai)
Conventional Automated Transmission (AT)

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

The dual clutch transmission is a novelty introduced by Audi in the late nineties under the name of “DSG” (Dual Shift Gearbox). A Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) has two axles on which the gear system is fitted. One axle is used for the even gears, the other axle is used for the odd gears and the reverse gear, each with its own shift mechanism and clutch. The big advantage is that the next gear is always ready. When driving in the first gear, the other axle is inactive but instantly ready for use because it moves together with the active axle. This technology allows superfast gear-switching times.

Benefits of DCT:

  • Superfast, seamless gear switching
  • Increased gear switching comfort
  • Low fuel consumption

DCT examples:

  • DCT (BMW, Honda, Hyundai, Renault)
  • DSG (Audi, Volkswagen)
  • S-Tronic (Audi)
  • PowerShift (Volvo, Ford)
  • PDK (Porsche)
  • SpeedShift (MB)
  • Twinamic (Smart)
  • TCT (Fiat, Chrysler)
  • TC-SST (Mitsubishi)
Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)
Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)

Unlike manual or conventional automatic transmissions, the Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) does not interrupt the pulling force while switching. Because the CVT does not work with different gears, it accelerates smoothly. The heart of the CVT is the variator that exists of two sets of conic discs over which the belt is running. When the distance between the two disks is changed, the running radius of the belt will be adapted, allowing a seamless variable transmission ratio. A Continuous Variable Transmission is applicable for very high loads up to a torque of approximately 450 Nm.

Benefits of CVT:

  • Very good gear switching comfort
  • Good acceleration
  • Applicable for high loads

CVT examples:

  • Variomatic (DAF)
  • CVT (Chrysler, Jeep, Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda)
  • Multitronic (Audi, Seat)
  • M-CVT (Nissan)
  • SECVT (Suzuki)
  • E-CVT & HSD (Toyota)
  • LHD (Lexus)
  • Lineartronic (Subaru)
  • VTi (GM)
  • Autotronic (MB)
Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)
Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT)



Like to know more about Q8 Oils and the amazing range of products they produce, the quality control and research that they put into every product?


Check out this Corporate video which provides a great background.



Q8Oils’ state-of-the-art blending plant in Antwerp is one of largest and most technically advanced lubricant production facilities in Europe. With a multi-million Euro investment just completed, the plant has a blending capacity which is scalable up to 250 million litres per annum. It enjoys excellent access to the UK and mainland Europe by highway, rail and sea. The river jetty can accommodate ships of up to 5,000 tonnes, and with 24 base oil and 42 additive tanks respectively, the plant can efficiently produce the widest range of finished lubricant products of any blending plant in Europe.

"the plant can efficiently produce the widest range of finished lubricant products of any blending plant in Europe"

Furthermore, the mega-blend vessel can manufacture batches up to 400,000 litres and the filling hall is equipped with both semi and fully automatic filling lines.

O8Oils’ stringent in-house quality control procedures and world-class technical development capabilities are additionally complemented by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and RC 14001 certification.




TomTom Telematics scoops Best Telematics System title at BusinessCar Fleet Technology Awards

TomTom Telematics, a leading provider of advanced fleet management solutions, has won the Best Telematics System title in the 2015 UK BusinessCar Fleet Technology Awards – the Techies.

As the only independent awards in fleet dedicated to technological innovation and excellence, the Techies are unique in rewarding those services, companies and products that best serve the business car marketplace.

The accolade, awarded on August 25, recognises the impact of OptiDrive 360, the company's next generation of WEBFLEET fleet management software, which empowers motorists to drive in a greener, safer style.

OptiDrive 360 provides drivers with best practice coaching on how to drive safely and efficiently before, during and after a journey. As well as giving instant feedback on harsh braking, speeding and cornering, it offers predictive driving advice using vehicle and map data to advise business drivers when to take their foot off the accelerator or shift gear, and what their optimum green speed should be.

The technology was developed following years of collaborative research with the EU ecoDriver Project.

“We were first to market with driver terminals which give direct feedback to business drivers and now we’ve raised the bar again with OptiDrive 360,“ said Giles Margerison, Director at TomTom Telematics.

“By scoring drivers on eight performance indicators, fleet managers can build up a highly accurate picture of driver behaviour which can then be used as the basis for performance reviews, training and driver benchmarking.“

BusinessCar Editor Paul Barker added: “This win in the Telematics category of the 2015 BusinessCar Techies illustrates the level of technical development TomTom’s OptiDrive 360 offers the corporate marketplace. The pioneering step of predictive advice for drivers on when to ease off for roundabouts or other hazards is particularly innovative and impressed the Techies judging panel on top of the host of useful and useable information for fleet managers.”

The Techies awards success comes hot on the heels of other recent wins for TomTom Telematics including the Belgium Fleet Innovation Award for OptiDrive 360 in June and Best Commercial Vehicle Systems Integrator at the TU-Automotive Awards in the US.


New Queensland Transport Requirements

A number of our customers have reported that the Department of Transport has been fining road users for the use of umarked Shackles for towing purposes. These shackles are commonly used for towing caravans, boats or trailers for securing safety chains to the towing vehicle.

To view the August 2014 Safe Towing Guide please click here.

Interestingly, the Guide says:

""The Department of Transport and Main Roads recommends that the shackles used should meet Australian Standard AS 2741-2002 “Shackles”, or another equivalent recognised standard, and have a break load limit of the shackle is rated at least 1.5 times greater than the ATM of the trailer."

It goes on to say that you can identify a shackle that meets the AS standard by viewing its marking. It needs to clearly show the manufacturer name, quality grade and load rating.

Even though the guide says that this is "recommended" we have confirmation from a number of customers that they are being booked if the shackles do not have a clear manufacturer name, quality grade stamp, load rating and the AS number displayed.

All Tranzmile outlets, including Kingaroy Machinery Centre and Black Truck Sales outlets now stock a full range of shackles that meet these requirements.





Selecting The Right Grease

The application of grease can be at times very complex, although a little knowledge goes a long way. For example, in construction equipment the environment is harsh with water, dirt, poor seals and heavy loads being common. In this type of situation, you need a grease that is highly water resistant, tenacious, with good rust protection and film strength. Barium greases work well along with the lithium 12‑hydroxy greases (usually with polymers). Some specific formulations using an aluminum-complex thickener also find use here.

Bearings (ball, roller, needle, etc.) normally see much less contamination but experience wide variations in both speed and temperature. Here, you need a grease that has outstanding mechanical stability (very minor softening or hardening), excellent oxidation stability (long life) and performance over a wide temperature range. Where temperatures do not exceed 250 degrees F, the lithium 12‑hydroxy greases find the widest use. When temperatures increase or long life is required, either a lithium-complex or polyurea can be used.

Sliding or rubbing contact such as with automotive ball joints, sleeve bearings, some gears, etc., requires both extreme pressure and anti‑wear qualities along with a tenacious film to prevent squeeze-out, washout or both. In this type of application, the use of solid lubricants to aid in the prevention of wear is common, with molybdenum disulfide being the dominant solid. Here, the lithium 12‑hydroxy, lithium complex, barium and aluminum-complex greases would be good choices.

Improper selection and application of the proper type of grease to perform in the intended application is one of the biggest reasons for failure. Also at the top of the list is grease compatibility or the lack of it. As a general rule, keep similar thickeners in the same application (e.g., lithium with lithium complex). If possible, do not mix greases of different thickener types.

Especially try to avoid situations where aluminum complex, clay or silica-thickened greases may become mixed with other greases. Excessive softening is usually the result. These thickeners, while producing excellent lubricating greases, do not tolerate other greases well.

Failure of almost any grease‑lubricated part generally falls into four categories:

  1. The selection and application of the wrong type of grease

  2. Incompatibility resulting in excessive softening

  3. Contamination resulting in excessive wear

  4. Too much or too little grease applied

Remember, the lack of grease can cause failure, but too much grease is often the primary cause of failure because the excessive lubricant causes high temperatures, which in turn oxidizes the grease.

Ref: Machinery Lubrication

Productstrip Grease

Tranzmile expands to Kingaroy

Published on: 08.04.2014

Tranzmile is pleased to announce the purchase of Kingaroy Machinery Centre. Kingaroy Machinery Centre has been servicing the South Burnett since 1945 with a proud history of providing a full range of truck, trailer and agricultural parts. With the purchase by Tranzmile, the range of products available through Kingaroy Machinery Centre has already grown, with over $100,000 in additional stock now available in store.

In addition KMC customers will see significantly improved pricing, making KMC more than competitive with suppliers in Toowoomba or Brisbane. If you live or work in the South Burnett, there really is only one destination for all of your truck & trailer parts - Kingaroy Machinery Centre.

From Monday the fourth of November, Kingaroy Machinery Centre will join Tranzmile, the aftermarket truck and trailer parts arm of the Harvey Black family’s Black Truck & Ag company which sells and services Iveco, Western Star, Isuzu and New Holland in Toowoomba, Dalby, Roma, Goondiwindi and Moree.

Managing director of Tranzmile Cameron Black said purchasing Kingaroy Machinery Centre was a logical step in the growth of their business. “We wanted an established business which had its roots in a thriving country town to expand our portfolio,” Mr Black said.
“Kingaroy Machinery Centre is a natural fit with us because it is a strong rural business with a good grounding in aftermarket truck servicing given it is a former International trucks dealer."

“With the buying power of our combined truck and parts businesses, our Kingaroy customers are going to be able to start buying locally with us, but only pay Brisbane and Toowoomba pricing. “

I think this is going to be a huge benefit for everyone doing business in the town. “Customers will pretty much straight away start seeing some very significant savings flowing through to them.” Mr Black said KMC would be expanding the centre’s already big range. “You will be able to access the huge range of products we have in Brisbane and Toowoomba, without having to make the drive to the city,” he said. “As a part of the Harvey Black Group, Neil, Angie and Paul from KMC now join our existing 22 parts interpreters, ensuring that there is very little in the way of truck and trailer parts that we cannot help our customers with. 
“Black Truck Sales runs, of course, Iveco, Western Star and Isuzu truck dealerships so KMC will be particular strong in that area as well.” 
Mr Black said having grown up only an hour away, near Jandowae, he might call Brisbane home now, but he is firmly a country boy. The Gehrkes congratulated Cameron and said they were pleased the business was remaining with another longstanding country family. “We wish him the best for the future,” he said. “We would also like to thank all of our customers for their loyalty they have given to this business over the past five and half years and would especially like to thank (their staff) Neil, Angie and Paul for their support and loyalty each of them have given us. “I am sure you will find the same excellent service will continue.”



Moving the largest load in West Australian mining history

Published on: 18.03.2014

Australian Mining brings you a gallery of the largest machinery move in West Australia's history, as well as video of the operation in action.

Over six days four prime move trucks towed a fully assembled Liebherr 996 excavator weighing more then 675 tonnes.

The machine was from Fortescue's Christmas Creek mine to its Solomon operations.

They travelled at speeds of 4km/hr over gravel, thanks to an additional two trucks pushing the load, and reached speeds of 6km/hr on roads.

Hauling the load the 230km to the mine took them six days, (including time spent being bogged, which was only recitified with the help of four front end loaders) working up to 15 hours per day.

It was moved on 24 twin-axle (384) Goldholfer platforms.


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