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Tranzmile Wash And Wax (TAC41)
Removes Grime & Dirt Works effectively on all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome aluminium and paint. Incredible Finish Contains European imported high quality carnauba wax, and no silicon.Streak free finish and noticeable shine. Trade Suitable Can be used in varying dilutions to control coat and performance.  


Appearance: Clear Orange/Yellow Liquid
pH: (Concentrate)  7.3-7.7
Specific Gravity: 1.075
Odour: Very Slight Odour
Solubility: Highly Soluble
Flammable: No
Hazardous: Yes
DG Class: Non Dangerous Goods
Melting Point: -4oC

Boiling Point: 121oC

Tranzmile Silicon Tyre Shine (TAC33) 20L
Rejuvenates Works to create a consistent, shiny surface on tyres and vinyl. High Quality Uses a special formulated blend of silicone to enhance light reflectivity and broad coverage. Best Results Spray the surface evenly and allow 15 minutes to dry.  


Appearance: Clear Liquid
Specific Gravity: 0.72 - 0.75
Odour: Hydrocarbon Solvent
Solubility: Insoluble
Flammable: Highly Flammable
Hazardous: Yes
DG Class: Class 3 Flammable (Packing Group II)
Flash Point: < -15oC
Tranzmile Truck Wash (TAC40)
Removes Grime & DirtWorks effectively on all surfaces including plastic, rubber, chrome aluminium and paint. VersatileSuitable for use on gurney’s and automated washing systems. Streak-FreeSuitable for trailer side-curtains and all fabrics in transport and marine environments. Heavy duty - Non-caustic, biodegradable & streak free.


Appearance: Light Blue Liquid
pH: (Concentrate)  7.3-7.7
Specific Gravity: 1.075
Odour: Very Slight Odour
Solubility: Highly Soluble
Flammable: No
Hazardous: Yes
DG Class: Non Dangerous Goods
Melting Point: -4oC

Boiling Point: 121oC
CRC 5.56 Multipurpose Aerosol
CRC 5.56 is a multi-purpose product with superior penetrating power that breaks through rust and corrosion while it clears away scale and dirt. Eliminates the need for many disassembly operations. Lubricates for smooth action, and silences annoying squeaks and squeals. Protects metals against corrosion and displaces moisture to help start wet engines.


Recommended for penetrating rust and corrosion, freeing components bonded by dirt & scale, preventative maintenance programs, as an environmental shield eliminating breakdowns due to poor environmental exposure, such as high humidity/salt air, for lubrication of contacts.


Moisture eliminator for wet equipment. Moisture barrier to prevent trouble before it starts. Protective film seals out moisture. Lubricant – will give lubrication where it penetrates, restoring smooth action and silencing annoying squeaks and squeals.
Eazy Gleam Long Handle Wheel Brush
Sturdy and strong long handle brush, perfect for cleaning wheels.  
Kenco Micro Fibre Cloth Pack
These extra absorbent variety of cloths are designed for use around the house, office and garage. They are great for detailing the truck, trailer, car, boat and caravan.
  • 1kg value pack of microfibre rags
  • Extra absorbent
  • Variety of cloths for different uses
Eazy Gleam Alkasteam Degreaser 20L
Concentrated quick break, biodegradable water-based degreaser.  
Eazy Gleam Brake Cleaner 20L
A fast drying, low residue contact cleaner. Low flash point solvent that evaporates quickly. Used to clean brake parts, surfaces prior to painting and automotive transmission gear boxes.    
Tranzmile Super Red Grease 450g
Tranzmile Super Red Grease is a premium lithium soap thickened grease formulated with hi-tech extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additive technology. It is a multi-service grease suitable for use in both automotive and industrial applications. In addition to its EP and anti-wear characteristics it will also provide a high level of oxidation, rust and water washout protection. The state-of-the-art equipment and procedures employed to manufacture Super Red Grease instills in this grease a high degree of mechanical and storage stability. It will not breakdown under high mechanical stress. In storage it will not alter consistency or release oil.


Tranzmile Super Red Grease is recommended for use in most types of automotive and industrial applications and, in particular, heavy-duty service where high loads are encountered. It is suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, gears and couplings. Because of its outstanding corrosion and water resistant properties it is also suitable where water ingress is present such as underground tunneling or mining and ore crushing plants. The recommended operating temperature range is from –20 °C to 130 °C. Tranzmile Super Red Grease can endure higher temperatures for short periods or if the lubrication frequency is increased.


• Reduced wear under high or shock loads• Superior protection against rust and corrosion• Excellent mechanical stability• Lead, Chlorine, Nitrite & Aromatic Extract free• Excellent resistance to water washout• Good pumpability in centralised systems• Outstanding storage stability

Health, Safety & Environmental

This product is classified as non-hazardous. No special precautions are required if employed and handled in accordance to normal practice for this type of product. Good personal hygiene is recommended when handling this product. After any spills or personal contact, the skin area should be washed with soap and water. Clothing should be laundered.Additional health, safety and environmental information is available in the Material Safety Data Sheet which can be obtained by contacting Tranzmile Pty Ltd.

Typical Characteristics

NLGI Grade 2
Product Code 5031702
Soap/Thickenertype Lithium
Colour Red
Worked Penetration 280
Drop Point, Deg C 195
Oil Viscosity cSt @ 40 Deg C 320
Timken OK Load, kg 27
4-Ball Weld, kg 400
4-Ball Wear Scar, mm 0.40
Water Washout, wt% 4


Tranzmile Super Red Grease Product Data Sheet Tranzmile Super Red Grease Material Safety Data Sheet
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