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Hendrickson Tri-Functional Bush Repair Kit
Includes• Tri-Functional Bush• Hardened Washer & Flat Wear Washer• Quik-Align Shear Bolt• Prevailing Torque Nut• Lube Pack
Hendrickson Shock Absorber - Intraax AAT
Genuine Hendrickson Shock Absorbers to suit their Intraax AAT suspension systems.   The toughest and lightest integrated suspension-axle-brake system on the market today. Ideal for platforms, tankers, dumps, grain haulers and specialty trailers.  
Hendrickson Shock Absorber - HAS461
Genuine Hendrickson Shock Absorbers to suit their HAS461 suspension system.
Hendrickson Shock Absorber - Primaax EX
Genuine Hendrickson Shock Absorbers to suit their Primaax EX axle system. With its rugged, weight efficient design, PRIMAAX® EX is a severe-duty vocational air suspension that delivers advanced suspension technology for the rigorous demands of vocational, severe-service, and heavy-haul applications. The system features a robust structural design with optimized suspension geometry for exceptional stability, handling and ride. Suspension-induced driveline vibration is significantly reduced with PRIMAAX EX compared to competitive trailing-arm air suspensions, resulting in higher driver comfort and less premature wear on expensive truck and body equipment.  
Hendrickson Shock Absorber - Intraax AAL
Genuine Hendrickson Shock Absorbers to suit their Intraax AAL axle system. INTRAAX brings durability and weight savings to low-ride and liftable applications. Designed for performance on platforms, dumps, drop-decks, lowboys, tankers, B-trains, livestock and specialty trailers.  
Tranzmile DayTripper - Trucker Day Bag
Highly Function, Yet Compact


• Cooler bag material to main compartment, plus padded insulation throughout • Large rear padded pocket - Fits covered work diary, laptop • Quick entry side pocket for work gloves, wallet, keys • Separate wet clothes compartment • Padded phone/tablet/electrical device pocket • Zippered water bottle pocket • Removable internal divider in main compartment Dimensions: 450mm long x 250mm wide x 300mm high
OE Spares Spring Brake Valve - to suit Sealco
The OE110701 is a unique service brake priority valve with a relay feature that dramatically lowers release times. The valve fills both the reservoir and the spring chambers at the same time. This insures service pressure in the reservoir before the spring brakes release. The built in control port prevents brake compounding.   

Service Brake Priority

The OE110701 spring brake control valve features service brake priority. Priority is given to directing supply air to fill the reservoir(s) instead of releasing the spring brakes, even though both are building pressure simultaneously. This priority prevents releasing the parking brakes after they have been applied due to a catastrophic loss of air in the reservoir(s).  

Anti Brake Compunding

Brake Compounding is the simultaneous activation of both the spring (emergency) and service brakes. Compounding can result in over-torquing the foundation brakes causing problems such as bent chamber push rods, broken camshafts, cracked drums, lining damage, damaged chamber brackets and many other issues. The OE Spares Spring Brake Vavle features anti-compounding that prevents compounding.
OE Spares Drain Valve - Manual Pull Cord
Manual drain valve for air brake systems. Uses a simple and easy to reach metal pull cord to remove contaminants from the system. Thread: 1/4" NPT
Meritor Glad Hand Coupling - Red (Emergency)
• Providing secure, airtight connection • Colour coded and clearly stamped for ease of identification (Red – Emergency) • Lightweight die cast aluminium body • Includes black rubber seals • Meets SAE J318 specifications
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