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Uniden UPP80S

Product Code: AEUPP80S
Brand: Uniden
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Unidens UPP80S is an innovative Portable Solar Power Bank. Versatile and powerful with smartphone and tablet charging capabilities, with dual solar and USB top up capabilities. Packed with practical features including double LED flashlights, dust proof design and water resistance# with an inbuilt compass that provides safety and durability for everyday use, to more extreme activities and unforeseen circumstances.

The UPP80S delivers total portability and the innovative benefit of solar power charging functionality, that are device friendly and compatible in charging a variety of smartphone and tablet devices, which are increasingly beneficial. The solar power bank component can also provide the convenience of keeping your Uniden in car dash cams on for a limited time inside the vehicle whilst unoccupied, giving you peace of mind when your vehicle is left unattended.

The UPP80S 8000 mAh battery capacity, will help ensure it tops up your electronic devices for backpackers, travellers and outdoor activity enthusiasts and even for students, workers or anyone who requires a durable power bank to get them through the day.

Embodied with generous, inbuilt dual top-up options including 2 x USB ports, 1 x Micro USB input port & cable along with the solar charging component. This provides complete versatility for a diverse range of user requirements in various circumstances, making it an extremely convenient portable power bank.

The UPP80S power bank is a must have accessory for outdoor activities. The UPP80S power bank’s Water-Resistant#, inbuilt Compass and Dust Proof key features, provides greater peace of mind and reliable protection particularly in relation to the detriments of unpredictable weather, environmental elements and other unforeseen outdoor challenges.


# IP54 being limited protection against dust ingress (no harmful deposit). Protected against splash water from any direction.

*The Solar Power Bank will give a temporary charge and keep your Dash Cam Active for recording and will vary depending on the level of charge left in the Solar Power Bank Batteries.

Do not expose the UPP80S to extreme temperatures or excessive heat as it may damage the battery or distort certain plastic parts or it could ignite a fire. Operating temperature range: -10°C ~ 60°C.

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