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LED DRL MasterLife DayLight 8

Product Code: 24824WLEDXI
Brand: Philips
Available Sizes: Coming Soon
Min Order: 1


Philips has introduced a new solution to increase the visibility of commercial vehicles, thereby ensuring safer driving during the day and at night. Philips LED MasterLife Daylight 8 offers a high-value DRL solution for commercial vehicles already on the road, and enables drivers to benefit from the increased safety of DRL right now. Powered by high-power Philips Luxeon® LEDs, the energy-efficient LED MasterLife Daylight 8 provides maximum visibility with its highly intense and wide beam (100% wider than the average product on the market). Consequently, vehicles fitted with this product can be seen much more easily by other road users. And the light can stay on 24/7 thanks to its dimmable function, ensuring that fitted vehicles are visible at any time of the day or night.

  • Powered by 8 High Power Philips LUXEON® Rebel LEDs
  • 100% wider beam compared to other DRL
  • Light intensity 1000 Cd (Candela)
  • Quick fit flush & surface mount bracket system
  • DIY ultra simple wiring kit with extra long lead
  • Automatic dimming function for night driving

DRL MasterLife Daylight 8 Dimensions 163x19mm

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