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TX3100 Plug N Play

Product Code: ZSCTX3100
Brand: GME
Available Sizes: Coming Soon
Min Order: 1


The new TX3100 Plug ‘n’ Play – the latest product from the design team at Australia’s only UHF CB radio manufacturer, is a starter kit aimed at attracting the more urban UHF customer segment, but is equally attractive for the seasoned 4WD, heavy vehicle or recreational vehicle owner.


  • Digital Signal Processing: Measures, filters and compresses standard analogue audio signals and converts them into digital format. Allows advanced RF and audio processing techniques to be applied to maximise the radios performance.
  • Unique Display Flip Function: Unit can be mounted with the speaker facing upwards or downwards and the display ‘flipped over’ using a simple key-press sequence to allow viewing of the display from either mounting orientation.
  • CTCSS and DCS
  • Programmable scan function
  • Advanced Signal Management: Suppresses unwanted signals on adjacent channels and matches the receiver frequency to the incoming signal. This unique GME feature is critical to optimise performance of 80 channel radios.
  • Adjustable squelch
  • Selectable duplex channels
  • Five year warranty
  • Dynamic Volume Control: Automatically compensates for variations in received audio level, this feature provides a constant audio output level greatly enhancing the quality of the reception and simplicity of use.
  • Australian design and manufacture
  • External speaker socket

Supplied with:

  • TX3100 Super compact UHF CB radio
  • High performance 2.5” earth magnet antenna
  • 360° degree adjustable mounting bracket
  • Cigarette lighter DC lead
  • 2.4mtrs RG174A/U coaxial cable terminated with FME plug
  • Spare GME model label
  • Instruction manual

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