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Tranzmile TAC8 Type A Coolant - Hybrid Acid Technology (Premix)

Product Code: NGTAC8-50
Brand: Tranzmile
Available Sizes: Coming Soon
Min Order: 1


This is the premixed (50/50) version of the TAC-8 engine coolant. This product does not need further distillation 

Extended Service Life

6 yrs/1,000,000kms/6,000hrs in light duty diesels.

Designed to OEM Specs

Meets and exceeds many OEM
specifications for reliable operation.

Excellent Machine Protection

Protects all metals in cooling systems and excellent protection against cavitation.


Tranzmile TAC8 Heavy Duty Coolant - Product Data Sheet

Product Sizes

Product Size
TAC8-50 - Coolant Premix - 20LP
TAC8-50 - Coolant Premix - 5LP
TAC8-50 - Coolant Premix - 200LP

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