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Lubemate - Waste Oil Drainer 90L

Product Code: L-OD90
Brand: Lubemate
Available Sizes: Coming Soon
Min Order: 1


Usable as either a gravity drainer or using the vacuum generator to suck oil out of the dipstick of a vehicle, the Lubemate Waste Oil Drainer is a versatile addition to your workshop work flow. Once vacuum is pressurised, the drainer is able to work independently without requiring continuous connection to the compressed air system.

Wide Bowl Extender

  • Large enough for automatic transmission draining. Bowl diameter 600mm

Oil Bowl

  • Diameter 400mm

Filter Mesh Screen In Bowl

  • Catches foreign items, in an easily removable screen for cleaning

Offset Swivelling Bowl

  • For easy bowl positioning Swivelling diameter up to 800mm

Telescopic Suction Tube

  • Easy height adjustment Extends to 1.85m

5 Suction Probes

  • For use with vacuum generator for the right fit on vehicle dipsticks

Waste Oil Level Tube

  • Identify oil level inside holding tank

Vacuum Generator with Vacuum Gauge

  • Easy oil removal through dip stick openings
  • Check the current vacuum of the system

Powder Coated Steel Tank

  • Powder coated for corrosion resistance and ruggedness
  • 90L capacity

Handy Tool Tray

  • Keep tools and accessories within reach

Polyurethane Wheels

  • Easier manoeuvring over workshop floors

Technical Specifications

  • Gravity and air operated waste oil drainer
  • Maximum vacuum pressure: 0.85bar
  • Draining oil speed: 1.8 - 3LPM
  • Maximum oil temperature: 120°C
  • Suitable for draining waste oil from engines, gear boxes and differentials of all vehicles
  • 1.6m release oil pipe
  • Vacuum gauge for checking suction power
  • Holds vacuum for up to 24 hours

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