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Coil Springs


All EFS Coil Springs are:

Shot Peened – To stress relieve the outer surface of the coil, so the Coil can operate under higher fatigue & repeated load conditions to ensure longevity.

Scragged for Quality – This is a process where the coil is compressed beyond its yield point; this compression will set-up residual stresses and increase the elastic limit of the spring.

Powder coated – To resist corrosion & for aesthetics

EFS Coil Springs are manufactured under a strict quality control system with the use of quality Springs steel in accordance with ISO-9002.

This ensures you are purchasing a high quality product that is backed by a 3 year/100,000km warranty.

EFS Coil Springs are produced in a variety of raised heights, from standard to 125mm & also a variety of spring rates to suit different applications – towing, load bearing accessories, increased ride height & competition.