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Steering Dampers


The EFS X-Treme Steering Damper will provide unmatched steering control & reliability. Designed with increased valve bump steer.

  • 35mm Bore
  • Oversized Bulged 60mm Body
  • 16mm Hardened Chrome Shaft
  • Increased Valve forces to suit 33 – 37 inch Tyres

As well as the EFS Enforcer Steering Damper increases the control over bump steer & improves steering control suited to 33 inch tyres.

  • 32mm Twin Tube Hydraulic Design
  • Increased in size over O.E for greater oil capacity.
  • 11mm & 12mm Hardened Chrome Piston Rod
  • Metal Dust Cover – Piston rod protection against the elements
  • Gas Cell Technology – Allows the Steering Damper to Operate horizontally