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Series L and N

Product Code: N/A
Brand: Jost
Available Sizes: Coming Soon
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      L-Series: up to 30km/h (18m.p.h)
      • Farm carts
      • Trailers

    H-Series: > 30km/h (18m.p.h)
    • Heavy farm carts
    • Light truck trailers
  • Slewing rings are supplied undrilled and primed in black for corrosion protection.
  • The measurements are subject to our standard tolerances.
  • For the turntables of the N series the load limits are only valid for operation on paved roads and under conditions prevailing in Europe.
  • The axial load can be exceeded by 30 to 50% on the turntables of the N series if the speed is below 30 km/h (18 m.p.h.).

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