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OE Spares Height Control Valve - Suits Haldex Applications

Height Control Valve

OE Spares height control valve to suit Haldex applications
OE Spares Trailer Control Valve - Suit DAF, Evo-Bus
Trailer Control Valve with integrated 2/2-way valve. This valve provides sensitive and gradeable control of the trailer. It's actuated with three air circuits; two circuits of the service braking system, and one circuit of the emergency and parking brake system.  


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OE Spares Quick Release Valve - Double Check
Frame mount quick release valve, also double check. Port Thread: M22 x 1.5


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OE Spares Leveling Valve - Wabco Style
This valve controls the height of the truck/trailer by charging the air-suspension while compressing (loading the vehicle) and by venting when releasing. The height measurement is taken from the angle of the lever and linkage connected to the axle.


P1: Energy Supply (Reservoir) P3: Exhaust P21/22: Energy Delivery (Air Suspension Bellows) Threads: M12x1.5 - 12 deep


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OE Spares Height Control Valve - Suits Volvo FH Applications

Height Control Valve

OE Spares height control valve to suit Volvo FH applications.
OE Spares Charging/Overflow Valve - Metric
Charging Pressure - 4.5 BAR Ports - M22 x 1.5
OE Spares Relay Valve - RG2 Midland Style

Relay Valve - RG2 Midland Style

High quality OE Spares relay valve, suits RG2 Midland style applications
OE Spares Foot Brake Valve - Suits North American Applications

Foot Brake Valve

OE Spares foot brake valve, E6 style to suit North American applications.
OE Spares Single Check Valve SC3 - 1/2"
Inlet: 1/2" NPT (Female) Outlet: 1/2: NPT (Male)
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